Lead Magnet:

For Professional Plumbers

We are not your typical agency, in fact we do not class ourselves as an agency. We are a team of highly experienced paid media specialists that offer services to Lawyer startups and Lawyer businesses on low ad-spend budgets.

Meet Richard, the director of RK PPC Marketing. Richard is based in Thailand and has been running highly profitable Google Ads for clients since 2010.

Meet Lewis, Experienced Google & paid media specialist, based in the UK Lewis has a successful background in achieving strong growth and impressive ROI.

Meet Jake, PPC consultant and media producer. Jake is based in the UK and runs our creative sector and small business operations.

We Cater To Businesses That Cannot Afford A Typical Agency Fee By Offering Our Low Cost Product We Call "Plumber Lead Magnet"
It's Important To Note This Is Not A Service But A Product, To Be Able To Offer This Product We Provide An Almost Completely Automated Service. In Doing This, We Are Able To Significantly Cut Down The Costs You Would Get With A Typical Agency Fee.

No Contracts

You read that right, we do not tie you into any lengthy contracts, we believe the quality of our results is what matters. Therefore this product is offered on a 30-day rolling contract

Specialists In Paid Media

We stick to what we know, Paid is our game and we do not venture into social or SEO, but we can recommend other service suppliers should you need it!


This is a results business our aim is to deliver growth where others have failed all for a really low fee!

Plumber Lead Magnet

Here is what you can expect from this product and also what is not included.


- Full Monthly Management
- Available Up To An Ad Spend Of £4k
- Monthly PDF Report (Automated KPIs)
- Full Account Build (Up To 4 Campaigns)
- Google Ads Conversion Tracking
- Automated Optimization (Using Our 3rd Party Software)

- Email Communication Only
- Human Strategy & Optimzation
- Low Monthly Fees, Pre-Paid


- Meetings & Phone Calls
- Reporting Commentary or custom built dashboards
- Dedicated Account Manager
- Complex Campaign Setups

Why Work With Us?

We take on businesses that "other" agencies won't

We understand how hard it can be for new startups or businesses with low advertising budgets to get a good return on the investment when no other agencies will give you the time of day

Specialists in local lead generation campaigns

We understand the importance of targeting the right people in your area and the campaigns are built with this in mind

You don't want to be tied into contracts

Contracts get in the way of doing good business, as a results business, we firmly believe that if you are not getting the desired result you should be free to leave at any time

We produce results you can rely on

We are very experienced in what we do and are confident that we can get you the best results for your budget while you focus on your business growth. You can rest assured your account is in safe hands.

Plumber Lead Magnet Pricing

The price includes a full account build for local services (not national), conversion tracking set up and automated monthly management and reports.

Pre-Paid Monthly - No Contracts

Plumber Lead Magnet

This plan is for those looking for our automated product. As this is a product the invoicing is automated and pre-paid.

- £300 1-time Set Up Fee Required
- All Phone Communication Charged Extra @ £100p/h

Spend levels required are:
£200 - £4,000 (if your monthly ad spend is more than this, you do not qualify for this product. Please review our full comprehensive service management option on the right!)


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Looking For More?

If you are looking for a more comprehensive service we are pleased to be able to offer our regular service based management. Please click the link below to see prices.

This includes:

- Full comprehensive service
- Dedicated Account Manager
- Phone and Email Support
- Custom Reporting
- Complex Account Builds

Please click the link below to see prices


We've got A's for your Q's

Who Are RK PPC Marketing?

We are a team of highly experienced paid marketers especially in Google Ads. Richard the owner has been in the trenches for 12 years working with some the top agencies and blue chip companies for years. Richard set up RK PPC Marketing in 2019 as clients sought after his services after growing a reputation in the field.

How Do I Know It's For Me?

If you are looking to get started with Google Ads or perhaps already run an account and are looking for consistent improved results then this is for you. The product is only viable up until a spend of £4K per month, after that we offer our comprehensive service based packages. This product is ideal for those looking to compete but can not afford a typical agency fee.

What's The Process Getting Started?

Simply fill out the questionnaire attached to start onboarding section below. This will give us everything we need to start onboarding you. An initial invoice will be raised for the setup fee and first months management, each subsequent month will be invoiced at the start of each month with a direct debit.

How Can I Cancel?

There is no contract however, there is a direct debit for our invoicing. You can walk away at any time you choose as you pay up front each month, if you decide to change simply just let us know and we'll arrange cancelling the direct debit and management will stop at the end of the 30 day period.

What Sort Of Performance Can I Expect?

Google Ads is what we do and we are very efficient with your budgets, you can expect us to ensure we get as many good quality leads as possible out of your budget.

Who Owns The Google Ads Account?

You own the account we simply link to it and manage for you until you decide to cancel (which we doubt you will!) The Google Ads costs are paid for by yourselves.

How Are You Able Offer This Product So Cheap?

We are able to offer this product at a great price because we have stripped away a lot of the service you get with a typical service based management. Most notably there is no calls or dedicated account manager with the product, just great results!

What's The Catch?

There is no catch! We realized there is a large cohort of business owners that do not fit into a typical agency fee based model and decided to create a product that would fulfil the need.

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