Lead Magnet: Google Ads For Smaller Budgets and Startups

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We do Big Things with Small Budget Google Ads

Google Ads is increasingly complex for any sized account, but can be particularly challenging for the small budget. That’s why we created this program to bridge the gap between high-cost effective PPC and small budget ad campaign management.

Let us manage Google Ads so you can scale your business.

More Like a Product than a Service

This is a different sort of PPC Program… it’s for the budget conscious small business who still wants assurance of great Google Ads Management.

A few ways RK PPC are different from traditional agency services:
Invoicing (automated, pre-paid)
✅ No Long Contracts (month-to-month)
✅ Communication (Lead Magnet: email communication only)
✅ Reporting (automated KPIs, no commentary)
✅ Account Building (more streamlined, quicker)
✅ Ongoing ad testing, budget monitoring, keyword testing, bid management… and much more!

We have a Human on your account, guiding the setup, troubleshooting, monitoring KPIs, and making regular optimization changes! But we minimize ongoing communication, and maximize the usage of simple, AI-driven optimization setups so we can efficiently provide you excellent PPC help at a price you can afford.

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Enterprise Experience for a Fraction of the Cost

RK PPC Google Ads for Small Budgets work with you, not for you. We are an extension of your team, with years of experience managing accounts your size. We only do Google Ads here, so we can keep up with all the latest best practices and changes, and we aren’t focused on our own growth at your expense.


We provide a consistent and excellent service, allowing you to feel relaxed and secure in your investment through our results.


We believe in providing high quality results, so we are constantly optimising and refining driven leads with your ad-spend.


We believe in hitting targets within your ad-spend. We have the ability to drop down costs whilst increasing your conversions.

Good Relations

We believe in a good client to agency relation, which is why we always strive to produce good results for anybody working with us.

Revolutionise Your Leads

The Lead Magnet Program caters to businesses that cannot afford a typical agency fee by offering our low cost product we call Lead Magnet”.

We offer this product targeting specific niches, select your relevant niche from our drop down menu to find out more about each service. If your services are not listed we can still cater to you for almost all lead generation service based businesses.

It can be difficult for new startups or businesses with low advertising budgets to get a good return on the investment when agencies won’t give you the time of day.

So what are you waiting for? Fill out our Onboarding Form below and get started with our Lead Magnet Program.